Biological Safety Cabinets

We undertake the fabrication of Bio Safety Cabinets of Class II. It is an integral factory assembled system permitting total disinfection. The cabinets are made with good quality plywood, outer surface are covered with laminated sheet. This includes standard accessories such as pressure manometer, pre filters, HEPA filters blowers assembly, one UV germicidal

light for the work area, one cock for gas, stainless steel perforated table top. Separate motor with blower assembly for air supply . And for exhaust. 1.5 mtr. Length PVC pipe of 4” dia. will be supplied. In additional to normal features of vertical laminar flow it is provided with following unique.

Model Working space
OBSC-1 3’ X 2’ X 2’
OBSC-2 4’ X 2’ X 2’
OBSC-3 6’ X 2’ X 2’