Blood Bank Refrigerator

Blood Bank Refrigerator is a versatile storage cabinet designed to meet various requirements in the blood bank and such other blood related products. The most important factor is to provide uniform, accurate and steady temp. in the cabinet. The blood bank refrigerator is set to give a fixed temp. of 4OC (can set between 2OC and 9OC) This unit give an accuracy of ±

0.5OC An audio visual alarm is incorporated in the temp. controller in the event of temp. fluctuation of high and low. A power failure alarm also fitted in the system with battery back up. Suitable to work on 220 V. AC supply.

Double walled construction , outer body made with galvanized steel sheet, duly powder coated inner chamber made with 304 grade quality SS sheet , PUF insulation is provided to reduce /minimize the temp. loss. Outer door is provided with magnetic beading , lock, key and handle, inner drawers with clear plexi glass door. The entire unit is mounted on lockable caster wheels for easy moving. Equipped with CFC free compressor and refrigerant.

Model Storage Capacity Internal Dimension L X W X H in c m Shelves
OBBR-1 60 Bag 45 X 40 X 80 4
OBBR-2 144 Bag 52 X 49 X 100 4
OBBR-3 244 Bag 60 X 52 X 120 4
OBBR-4 288 Bag 78 X 68 X 120 4