Hot Air Oven –Memmert Model (Elements on all 3 Sides)

Temperature from +50OC. to 250OC Thermostatic control with a sensitivity of 1O C. Heating elements are placed in the ribs at the bottom and sides. Double walled- outside made of mild steel duly powder coated- with perforated adjustable shelves, thermostat, two indicators and on/off switch work on 220/230v A.C. inside chamber of anodized Aluminum/Stainless steel - Supplied with or without air circulating fan but without thermometer.

Model Capacity No. of Trays
OOMA-1 300X300X300mm 1
OOMA-2 355X355X355mm 2
OOMA-3 455X455X455mm 2
OOMA-4 455X455X605mm 3
OOMA-5 605X605X605mm 3
OOMA-6 605X605X910mm 3
OOMA-7 605X455X910mm 3