Humdity Cabinet (Environmental Test Chamber)

Double walled inside of anodized Aluminum/Stainless steel outside of mild steel powder coated with full view inner glass door. These chambers are designed for environmental testing of production samples where both temp. and humidity are to be controlled. Temperature range – ambient temperature (room temp.) 5OC to 60OC, -temperature controlled by electronic digital humidity controller cum indicator with an accuracy of ±1OC.

The humidity is controlled by electronic digital temperature controller cum indicator from atmospheric humidity to 95% with a sensitivity of +3% without hygrometer. to work on 220/230VAC.

Model Size of Inner chamber Capacity in Ltr.
OHC-1 418X380X580mm 90
OHC-2 418X440X825mm 150
OHC-3 570x505x955mm 275
OHC-4 620x570x1050mm 350