Humidity Oven

Double walled construction outer body made of MS, duly powder coated and inner SS/Alu. With front door having a glass window to inspect the samples placed inside the chamber. Temp. range from ambient +5oC to 60OC with an accuracy of ±1OC. Temp. humidity controlled by digital temp. controller cum indicator LED(dual display) from 40% to 90% with sensitivity of ±3% without hygrometer power supply 220/230V.

Model Volume Inner Dimension Inner (Alu.)
OHO-1 90 ltr. 418X380X580mm
OHO-2 150 ltr. 418X440X825mm
OHO-3 275 ltr. 570X505X955mm
OHO-4/td> 350 ltr. 620X570X1050mm