Plant Growth Chamber

Inside made of SS, outside made of mild steel duly powder coated and fitted with cooling, heating and lighting arrangements. Temp. range 0O C 60O C ±1O C. Temperature can be obtained from 15O C to 50O C ±1O C When all lights from two sides and top are ON. Temperature is controlled by electronic digital temperature controller cum indicator to set two temperature for day and night. Above Growth Chamber is complete with humidity control from 55% to 95% at a cool temperature. Light intensity can be adjusted by controller according to requirement and humidity shall be controlled by controller.

Model Size(WxHxD) Capacity
OPGC-1 500X 550X1200mm 300 ltr
OPGC-2 600X 600X1200mm 430 Ltr
OPGC-3 1200X 600X1200mm 860 Ltr