Rotary Shaker

This shakers are ideal for mixing and development of cultures, chemicals and pathological work etc. This unit has base assembly fabricated from heavy mild steel sections. The drive has single extender bearing and heavy duty main bearing resulting in small number of moving parts. The simple and sturdy design, make the units suitable for continuous non-stop operation. The orbital diameter of 25mm and shaking speed of 20 to 250 RPM is standard, with DC Motor for variable speed and speed regulator. These are heavy duty Rotary shakers having Stainless Steel Platforms and are ideal for applications demanding continuous operations.

Model Platform Size cm
ORS-1 30 x 30 (250mlx9nos) Additional Platform for 100mx16nos.
ORS-2 45 x 45 (250mlx16nos) Additional Platform for100 mlx36nos.
90 x 90 (250mlx64nos) Additional Platform for 100mlx100nos.