Vaccum Oven

Vacuum oven commonly using the temp. from 50O to 250O . The inner chamber is made out of SS and outer MS with powder coating. Glass wool insulation will be provided all around the inner chamber to minimize the heat loss. The SS door is fitted with a glass window to view the samples placed inside. The temp. is controlled and indicated by a digital temperature indicating controller. Vacuum control valve with a vacuum gauge is also provided. Max. vacuum: 760mm of Hg.

Model Chamber Size in CM (Dia. x Depth)
OVO-1C 30 X 30
OVO-2C 40 X 60
OVO-3C 45 X 60
OVO-4C 50 X 75
Model Chamber Size in CM
OVO-1R 30 X 30 X 30
OVO-2R 35 X 35 X 35
OVO-3R 45 X 45 X 45
OVO-4R 45 X 45 X 60