Vacuum Pump

Oxylab Vacuum Pump provides vibration free performance, air ballast facility and assured ultimate vacuum. It is simple in design and construction. From 500L capacity onwards water cooling jacket are provided. Its main advantages are easy servicing, easy oil changing and easy inspection of oil through the window.

Model Capacity Motor
OVPS-1 50Litr/Min ¼ HP (Single Phase)
OVPS-2 100Ltr/Min. ¼ HP (Single Phase)
OVPS-3 150Ltr/Min. ½ HP (Single Phase)
OVPS-4 200Ltr/Min. ½ HP (Single Phase)
Model Capacity Motor
OVPD-1 50Litr/Min ¼ HP (Single Phase)
OVPD-2 100Ltr/Min. ¼ HP (Single Phase)
OVPD-3 150Ltr/Min. ½ HP (Single Phase)
OVPD-4 200Ltr/Min. ½ HP (Single Phase)