Electrically operated, standard vertical pattern boiler constructed of heavy stainless steel outer is of heavy gauge mild steel painted in grey hammer tone supplied with pedal lifting arrangement.

Lid is also made of heavy stainless steel and accurately machined to form a steam tight joined with stainless steel ring to also machined accurately for this purpose.

The instrument is supplied with Aluminum perforated work basket.Electrically heated by means of superior quality immersion heater having automatic ejection device. Pressure gauge, steam release cock and safety valve are fitted on top of the lid. Operating pressure 15lbs per sq. inch. The instrument is supplied with plug and cord ready for use on 220/230V.

Model Inner Sizes Dia. X Height Vol. Ltr. Rating
OAC-1 250X450mm 22 1.5KW
OAC-2 300X500mm 35 2.0KW
OAC-3 350X550mm 52 3.0KW
OAC-4 450X600mm 95 4.0KW
OAC-5 550X750mm 178 6.0KW