Deep Freezer-Vertical

These Freezers are specially engineered superior insulation and specially designed Refrigeration System Double walled with exterior of sheet metal duly powder coated and interior of stainless steel having P U F insulation to minimize heat loss. Capillary controlled balanced hermetically sealed Refrigeration system and microprocessor based free and exceptionally quiet performance.

Model Volume Inside Dimension Temperature
OFV-1 110 ltr 425X400X680mm -20OC
OFV-2 110 ltr 425X400X680mm -35OC
OFV-4 170 ltr 500X425X845mm -20OC
OFV-5 170 ltr 500X425X845mm -35OC
OFV-7 285 ltr 580X500X990mm -20OC
OFV-8 285 ltr 580X500X990mm -35OC